Short & Feature Film Production

  • After years of working with producers and filmmakers, we've seen the same mistakes made again and again.
  • For example, many people think they can do everything themselves or that they don't need to be DUBAI when their project is being filmed.
  • They might not know that shooting a film in ANY COUNTRY will get you tax credits for filming here or that hiring locals rather than importing crew from DUBAI could save you millions on production costs.
  • There are also things like permits, union rules, casting directors to consider - all of which are more complicated in DUBAI than anywhere else. That's where we step in! CANNES PRODUCTIONprovides world-class, end-to-end facilitation services in DUBAI and abroad for domestic and international producers who need assistance on their next film project.
  • From bustling city streets, landmarks, charming beaches and nature, DUBBAI offers a stunning and diverse range of locations for your next project. In addition, experienced crew, Oscar-winning talent and generous film production incentives will help bring your vision to life.